Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally Back

Alright, so It's been quite some time again since I've been on here, I moved into my new apartment in lancaster about 2 weeks ago and was without internet and then went to the beach down in Fenwick Island, DE with my girlfriends family which was an awesome trip, and I will probably write about more later when I have the time.

Anyways, finally got the cable guys out here to get everything set up and I've been able to play some recently. I've moved over from FTP back to Pokerstars to try that out, I'm just more accustomed to the site and it seems to have much better traffic. So far it's gone alright, I had a pretty shitty day yesterday at the tables but played fairly well today, didn't really make anything but the EV was up at 20bb/100 for ~900 hands so while a very small sample size hopefully I can keep it going that way. Because of everything that happened the last two weeks I won't be able to meet the goals I set for this month so I am going to set a new midmonth goal and shoot for 40+ hours of playing/studying to end the month. I also have another goal of no more than 4 tables at a time until I win atleast 20 buyins starting tonight.

Here is my graph for tonight:

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