Monday, June 28, 2010

Addicts can't quit...

Well I'm back, I took a few days off watched the world cup, cheered on the USA, watched us lose and did some studying. After doing the studying, doing a session with my backer/coach and talking with him about it some I have decided to keep playing. I'm going to switch my play over to pokerstars, they have more traffic, more tables, more fish, lower rake and in the month of July have micro mania which means I'll get 10 vpps per dollar of rake instead of 5.5vpps so I figured there can't be a better time to make the move.

I also start my nannying job tomorrow morning, so that will cut down on my play time some as I won't have my computer up at school with me until I move in for good. I'm exhausted right now, and have to get up at like 6:30 to drive up to Lancaster tomorrow so this is going to be a really bland entry, but I'll start updating again.

Here is my first day on stars:

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