Friday, April 2, 2010

Run Good?

Nice life for simplicity, as soon as he stakes me some run good kicks in to make up for last month. Here is April so far:

Looks pretty good, way above EV, but still below EV on the year. I also feel I'm playing better, and still continuing to look for leaks. I also played a $11 MTT last night after cashing in 1k fpps for $15. I ended up getting 27/1800 which is good, but all the money is at the final table so I was a little disappointed, I felt I played good, and thought besides a 2-3 players the final 27 was really weak and I had a decent shot at taking it down if I could get some chips. Still ended up getting ~$40 profit out of it so whatevs. I think I'm done for today I'm gonna head up to my roommates lake house and take advantage of this 90 degree weather with some beer and bananas, and just chill out.

Here is my goals sheet so far for April. This is something I will be posting at the end of each post now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Really focused for April

Alright, so march sucked, again. I had very little time to play, lost my stake and ran bad. But I want to play fulltime this summer and in order to do that I need to prove to myself that I can put in enough volume at a solid hourly, before I throw another summer job out the window.

I just got a new stake from Simplicity that really sweet, its just for the 10s now but it starts out as a 60/40+fpps split my way. Each time I hit X number of games and Y roi my percentage moves in my favor. It looks like this:

Game/ROI Milestones
<= 1000 games - 50/50
>= 1000 games & 1% ROI - 60/40 (horse's favor)
>= 2000 games & 2% ROI - 65/35 (horse's favor)
>= 3000 games & 3% ROI - 70/30 (horse's favor)
>= 4000 games & 4% ROI - 75/25 (horse's favor)
>= 5000 games & 5% ROI - 80/20 (horse's favor)

Horse keeps all FPPs/Bonuses.

Horse agrees to:
- Update Staker occasionally on how the stake is running.
- Send Weekly Player Audits.
- Send any Hand History requests the Staker has.
- Recover any makeup accumulated during or at the end of the stake.
- Not to run any other stakes while on this stake.

Which is a really solid staking arrangement and I am shooting for the 4k games 4% ROI. Which if I just hit it would be $1248+$281RB for me and $416 for simplicity. Not a bad month for either of us, Hopefully I will hit it and be around 6% though.

I plan on doing a lot of studying of my game this month, not just looking at wiz and going oh thats a push or oh thats a fold anymore, but looking deeper into WHY it's a push or fold, and what changes to make my play change.

Goals for April:
[ ] 4k games
[ ] 4% ROI
[ ] 15 hours of studying
[ ] 5 days a week at the gym
[ ] Get down to <195lbs
[ ] Graduate