Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Baby

Going to the superbowl!!! And yes, I am a real saints fan, been one for 10 years, not just a bandwagon one. I'm considering making the drive down to Miami for the game and doing some tailgating and partying after we win it all. Going to have to see what my schedule is like, and how the poker/money situation is going. Also I am going to buy my girlfriend this:

As far as poker goes this weekend was very mediocre. I made money which was good, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I made $230 since my last update, but ran kind of bad, should have made a lot more this weekend. Running bad cost me some from tilt, and quitting and not playing as much as I would like to. Here is how it went:

So you can see it was good, but nothing extraordinary. As far as my week went, the weekend was basically it. Ran mediocre during the week, only put in 895 games with a measily 3.6% ROI giving me ~$330 on the week. Pretty blah after my staking split but whatevs, I'm out of the hole and money is money.

I also am still in the green on the month and looks like I'm def back on track to keep it that way. I am going to try and put in 1200+ games this week, and hopefully some at the 20s. I need 3250 more vpps to hit platinum this month. Looks like wednesday-sunday is going to be a hell of a grind for me this weekend.

So there's all my updated graphs and all. For those of you guys actually reading this, and I know there are a few of you now. Leave me some comments and/or become followers, and link me to your blogs if you have one.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally in the green(hopefully for good)

So I had a fairly swingy last few days, but had a +$200 session today to bring it back out. I have played close to 500 games since the last update on here and made $186, which is nowhere near what I hope to be making, but I feel I ran awful, and its better than being negative. I'm hoping my last session was an indication of whats to come this weekend, I am going to try and play another 500 games before the Saints/Vikings game Sunday, and it would be really nice to make 400+. That will put me back on track for the sharkscope leader boards, I made a bet with brscta and rusemandingo, my 10 to their 30 that I'm on the leaderboard at the end of the month. I need ~2k games in 10 days to get plat, and if I can run at a measly 4% for those that will put me close to 1k profit on the month which I think should do it.

Here is the graph since the last update:

And here is the my monthly graph, it was one hell of a grind back to the green but now that I'm here I'm not going back:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Waste of a day

lolol fml

LOL Week2aments

So this week started off worse than I thought possible, but mid way through I did some heavy studying, dropped my tables, did some teamviewer sessions with alexstat and hh reviews with brscta. All that coupled with greater emotional control has really turned my game back around. I had my best day in quite some time if not ever at the Double or Nothings, making 21 buyins:

Thats a 16.5% roi over 100+ games and a 12% adjusted ROI. Hoping to play another 100+ games today at 10%+ ROI again so gonna get started on that here in a little bit.

Even with that great day yesterday I ended up the week down ~$20, but I think that I'm going to have a big week coming up here so it's all good, here was my week:

I'm also still down on the year so far:

So it's still dissappointing so far, but the solid turn around looks really promising and I'm hoping to get back to my old ~8% ROI which would be awesome and some decent money coming in.

So far this year including bonuses and rakeback I'm down about 70 dollars, I still have another 100 of bonus to clear though, and if I can put in ~1000 games this week at a 5% ROI that will put me at around $620 on the month for total profit, nothing spectacular but a lot better than nothing, and a solid weekly total.

Alright, time to get some grind on the mind.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maybe Turning Around, and Haiti Relief

So January has been god awful so far, with me losing 40+ buyins to start the month. I have done a lot of talking with BRSCTA though, and with alexstat and did a teamviewer with alex and think I may have fixed what was wrong. Since the teamviewer session I have played like 118 games I think for +95 or so, and about 9% roi. Obviously this could just be a heater, but I'm ironically still below EV these 118 games according to HEM and this is the first time this month my red line has steadily gone up. I'm hoping that I can keep this up, and pull through some cash this weekend. I also dropped down to 15 tables continuous for the time being to really concentrate on the moves I am making and why I am making them. I think I had been getting too robotic in my moves, and when it wasn't working I just kept with them instead of really thinking about why they might not be working.

Anyways here is a graph of my DoNs for 2010 so far:

So you can probably tell where things started to turn around there at the end, just have to keep it going positive. As you can see I'm still down over $200 in EV this month, hopefully I can hit a few nice little heaters this weekend. I have no classes until Tuesday and not many plans for this weekend, so even though I'm only 15 tabling I still hope to put in some decent volume.

Also, Stars is doing a relief fund for the earthquake in Haiti, I'm going to be donating $20 or so, I know it doesn't seem like much but at this moment there is ~250k players on stars, if we averaged only $10 a player, for only those ones on at this very moment thats 2.5 million in relief, and stars is going to match anything raised. This is why stars is by far the best site out there. I think everyone should throw down at least 10-20 bucks. If you play low stakes, just donate a buy in or two.

Juandadi and I were going to go to stars back over the summer and see if they were interested in running something similar to this for breast cancer research as juan was going to be doing the Avon Walk(he's done it now), and we thought it could be a great and easy way to raise some money. I ended up getting really caught it with some other stuff and it just kind of got pushed aside. Looking back I really wish we went through with it, and I'm really glad someone else had a similar idea that worked.

For any of you that actually read this, leave some comments so I can see who you are and I'll reply to any comments people leave.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for 2010, and First Week Results

Alright, so I don't think I ever actually talked about my goals on here, basically this year I'm turning poker into a legitimate part time job, I plan on playing 25 hours a week at least, at my ~40 tables/hr that comes to my goal of 1000 games a week. My goal this year is 200k vpps, that will equate to close to 15 grand solely in rakeback. If I make that goal playing $20 Double or Nothings, at a measly 4% ROI thats over $55000 on the year. Obviously thats a long shot, and I need to improve my game and become a solid $20 regular, but its doable, and I'm going to shoot for it. Even if I come up half short, $25k on the side for a college student is boss.

I graduate from South Carolina this semester, and as of now the plan is to do a year at Millersville University to get my teacher certification and such, but if I can make $20k+ by the end of the summer I will be taking a year off to try and see where this can take me. $55000 part time is more than I would make full time as a teacher, so if I have a chance of reaching it, and have made enough money to support myself financially for at least a few months then I'll be giving it a shot. School will always be there, especially since I will already have a degree, but poker may not.

I also plan on taking a lot better care of myself this semester, I will be spending at least 10 hours a week at the gym, eating a lot healthier, putting in more study time and getting on a regular sleep schedule. I have big things planned for this year and feel if I stay on myself that I can achieve them.

Now onto my first week on the grind, it didn't go so well, I didn't put in anywhere near the hours that I wanted to, but thats because it was my last week home on break and I spent it with my girlfriend and my friends, so I have zero regrets about that. I mentioned I've been doing some work with BRSCTA, so I'm really hoping to make atleast a 5% ROI over my 1000 games this week. I used to run at 8%, but that was a partial heater and when I was super confident, not I have to work on fixing some leaks and getting that confidence back.

Here are my graphs,
$10 DoNs:

6.50 18 Mans:

So Overall I am down $175 in week one solely on profits, though I did have $120 day on New Years Eve, so it's not as bad as it looks. I made 1102 VPPs through week one, way off pace of the 3846/week needed for 200k but like I said I didn't play much, and I likely will start the first month or two fairly behind pace until I move up and starting catching up. Including rakeback and the first $50 of my deposit bonus, and $10 worth of stellar rewards I'm down $78 total in 2010, in actually I'm not down anything myself, I'm +95 since RB and Bonuses are all mine, but I'm $50 or so in makeup including my NYE day. I need to make some solid profit this week though.

I'm currently using an excel spreadsheet that I made up to track my progress, I just input my games, stakes, roi, and it calculates my profit, rakeback, vpps, fpps, etc etc. It tracks it on a weekly basis, and tells me how many vpps left to meet my goal and how many a week as well. If anyone is interested in it here is the link:

Come on week 2.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking Even

So I have been breaking even forever now, it is literally the most frustrating thing ever. I know I am better than the players I'm playing against, and I put in study time, trade HHs with friends, discuss strat on 2+2, yada yada, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

I went over some HHs with BRSCTA today, and we found some stuff we think I can work on, I played a 50 game set afterward and felt I was playing really well, and that I was crushing the games, thought I might have a $100+ set in 50 games, go to look at it afterwards, and I broke even again. Atleast my redline is up this session though, hopefully working with and talking to BRSCTA is gonna keep helping me out and I can get some kinks out of this and start winning again.

Here is the graph of today:

It is literally exactly break even, blah, just gotta keep working and keep grinding I guess. It has to turn around eventually... right?

Also, thanks to Daleroxxu, I've registered for the world blogger championship of online poker at the end of the month. Gonna stomp all my other friends that have blogs ldo.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 276290

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FU January

So I said this month had been very meh so far breaking even to start, and today I was gonna put in some hours and make some money. Well I put in some hours, but the money thing is going in the opposite direction. Still only 300 games this month, and only 10 BIs down, but I feel like I should be up money and I'm running god awful, and this has been going on forever.

I'm doing some study sessions with BRSCTA, and redwiredaces, two regulars I'm pretty good friends with and seeing where I'm leaking, it has to be somewhere. My first 2-3k $10 DoNs I ran at an 8% ROI, and my last 2k I'm at 1%, it honestly makes me sick. Hopefully I can figure out wtf I'm doing wrong and get it fixed. Also considering switching over to the 18 mans specifically and getting Glitlr to help me out there as those have gone fairly well over my first couple hundred.

Here is January so far:

And here are my $6.50 18 mans so far(red line doesn't work for 18s):

Obv its a very small sample, but those games just seem so soft, I feel I can beat them for atleast 10% without even adjusting my game, and if/when I properly learn the ICM for them I think I could easily beat them for 15%+.

Broke my keyboard today too after losing my 8th flip in a row on the bubble of my 18 mans. Enough poker for me to do, need to take the rest of the day off and get my head back on straight. Gonna go see my gf and friends and prolly do something for the Iowa/GT game.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Going for Sharkscope leaderboards

So far this month I have been running pretty meh. Haven't put in very many games, and when I have the results haven't been there. Been having some real life issues so my head hasn't been completely in it either but those are fixed now and tomorrow I plan on grinding 200+ games. I want to be top 5 in the $10 DoN leader board at the end of January. Figure if I put in 3k+ games by then, even at just 5% that should put me up near the top.

Now just turn off my doomswitch stars, kthanks.