Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally Back

Alright, so It's been quite some time again since I've been on here, I moved into my new apartment in lancaster about 2 weeks ago and was without internet and then went to the beach down in Fenwick Island, DE with my girlfriends family which was an awesome trip, and I will probably write about more later when I have the time.

Anyways, finally got the cable guys out here to get everything set up and I've been able to play some recently. I've moved over from FTP back to Pokerstars to try that out, I'm just more accustomed to the site and it seems to have much better traffic. So far it's gone alright, I had a pretty shitty day yesterday at the tables but played fairly well today, didn't really make anything but the EV was up at 20bb/100 for ~900 hands so while a very small sample size hopefully I can keep it going that way. Because of everything that happened the last two weeks I won't be able to meet the goals I set for this month so I am going to set a new midmonth goal and shoot for 40+ hours of playing/studying to end the month. I also have another goal of no more than 4 tables at a time until I win atleast 20 buyins starting tonight.

Here is my graph for tonight:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Addicts can't quit...

Well I'm back, I took a few days off watched the world cup, cheered on the USA, watched us lose and did some studying. After doing the studying, doing a session with my backer/coach and talking with him about it some I have decided to keep playing. I'm going to switch my play over to pokerstars, they have more traffic, more tables, more fish, lower rake and in the month of July have micro mania which means I'll get 10 vpps per dollar of rake instead of 5.5vpps so I figured there can't be a better time to make the move.

I also start my nannying job tomorrow morning, so that will cut down on my play time some as I won't have my computer up at school with me until I move in for good. I'm exhausted right now, and have to get up at like 6:30 to drive up to Lancaster tomorrow so this is going to be a really bland entry, but I'll start updating again.

Here is my first day on stars:

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well fuck this game, that’s literally all I can think right now. I guess I need to get used to the sick variance in this, or just get better, I don’t really know. Yesterday I played a whooping 13 hours, I didn’t have shit to do, and just felt like grinding all day. I put in 4732 hands, and still ended in the red, down 3 buyins, I was down 10 at one point though, and up 3.5 in EV on the day(YAY below EV again.). I found what I thought was the secret to success though, earlier last night my friend decided to watch for a little bit and pointed out 3 guys playing on almost all my tables, I then realized they were on like every table. While I originally thought they were bad because they were down money I realized they are just slight losers and chasing rakeback. Since every single table running had 2 if not 3 or 4 players like this I decided to open up a few tables of my own. I then had a ton of fish sit down at the tables to start got a solid run of cards and just started dominating some people, running off like 9-10 buyins before dropping a few back before the end of the night and needing to quit from sheer exhaustion.


Fast forward to tonight. I decided today I was going to take it easy and not play after the marathon of a day yesterday. I should have fucking stuck to that. About 30 minutes ago I decide to load up a session after my Xbox kept freezing and I couldn’t play Fifa. So I load up, and start up my own tables again, and 15 minutes later I tilt quit my session. I was just talking to a friend earlier about how its hard to get coolered in Omaha because you usually have atleast some decent equity. Well I was wrong, I was coolered left and right, and just stomped by a bunch of monkeys hitting the world on me. Stuff like this:


Full Tilt Poker, $0.05/0.10 Pot limit Omaha Cash Games, 3 Players

jkljkljkl (CO): $7.14
DirDirDirty (Button): $10
yotengoco0kies (SB): $10.54
Dealt to: DirDirDirty
DirDirDirty raises to $.35, yotengoco0kies calls $.30, jkljkljkl calls $.25,
Flop:($1.05) (3 Players)
yotengoco0kies checks, jkljkljkl checks, DirDirDirty bets $.60, (1 folds), jkljkljkl calls $.60,
Turn: ($2.25) (2 Players)
jkljkljkl checks, DirDirDirty checks,
River: ($2.25) (2 Players)
jkljkljkl bets $2.25, DirDirDirty raises to $9, jkljkljkl calls $3.94 and is all-in, DirDirDirty returns $2.81,
DirDirDirty Showed
jkljkljkl Showed

jkljkljkl wins $13.66

Dude had been playing 85/25, and obv coolers the hell out of me when I have 2nd nuts with blockers 3 handed.
Should have just stuck to not playing tonight like I planned on. God I’m so pissed about that right now, blah. Oh well World Cup starts tomorrow, gonna take the next two days off and probably not play at all, just study, review hands and watch soccer tomorrow, and my best friends birthday bbq + USA and England on Saturday.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Having to cut another session short

Well today was another very mediocre day. Got home from work really tired and wasn’t going to grind, but had a $10 refund from stars, and a $3 Omaha tourney was in late registration there so I decided what the hell, I haven’t played a tourney since I started studying the game, let’s give it a go. The game ran suuuuper laggy, with 3-4 people getting it all in pre or 6 people seeing the flop in raised and 3 bet pots it was crazy. Nobody had any idea what they were doing and I feel I could have a huge edge in the low stakes plo tournies but that they would probably be really high variance with how they play out. I just sat around waiting for some strong multiway hands, tried to see a flop and get it in on something favorable. Worked for awhile, and I was like 50/200 650 runners and ran the 2nd nut flush into a straight flush hitting on the river, so not much to do there. I definitely want to start playing some more PLO MTTs and would really like to mix one or two in while playing cash games.

On that note, once I started the MTT after a little bit I fired up some 6 max over on FTP, and was doing well for awhile, up almost 2 buyins like 400 hands into the session, then I don’t know what happened to me, but I feel like I just hit a brick wall, poker wise and physically too, I’m sitting here exhausted while I write this, I dropped 3 buyins fairly quickly and decided to cut the losses again. So I’m going to go lay down, play a game of Fifa10 and watch the Lakers steal a game back in Boston tonight. Lets go Lakeshow!

Here's a hand from the session that hurt pretty bad. I feel my play was very solid, except for possibly the river bet, I didn't have the 3 as the only part of his range though, and figured I could have gotten value out of KKxxclubs on that river and similar hands. I'm still kind of working on getting better at calculating the pot odds and implied odds etc etc in situations like this hand and it's harder when we're betting vs making the call, but I'm going to go through and run some calcs on this hand later and see how thin that bet was, and if it was alright or bad. He hit his 1 outer on me though so *clap clap* I guess.


Full Tilt Poker, $0.05/0.10 Pot limit Omaha Cash Games, 6 Players

NoOneRemains (CO): $4
zomg_me (Button): $15.96
zagubican (SB): $7.65
elmo starr (BB): $7.13
DirDirDirty (UTG): $14.54
ALL-IN-JosChi (UTG+1): $11.26
Dealt to: DirDirDirty
DirDirDirty raises to $.35, (2 folds), zagubican calls $.30, elmo starr calls $.25,
Flop:($1.05) (4 Players)
zagubican checks, elmo starr checks, DirDirDirty bets $1.05, (1 folds), elmo starr calls $1.05,
Turn: ($3.15) (3 Players)
elmo starr checks, DirDirDirty bets $1.50, elmo starr calls $1.50,
River: ($6.15) (3 Players)
elmo starr checks, DirDirDirty bets $4, elmo starr raises to $4.23 and is all-in, DirDirDirty calls $.23,
elmo starr Showed

DirDirDirty ,
elmo starr wins $13.64

Garphs ldo:

So I’m at ~7800 hands on the month, putting me on pace for 30k hands on the month, well over my goal, so while I plan on putting in a lot of time tomorrow on my day off and another 2-3k hand day, I’m probably going to take some days off here in the near future, relax, do some studying and work on getting that winrate up. I’m also on pace for ~$225 in rakeback, so hoping over the next 20k hands I can hit 10+bb/100 for the $500 month which would be pretty nice to get moving on this whole PLO thing.