Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009, Lets Go 2010

Alright so between concentrating on school this past semester, and just getting frustrated with poker near the end, and having a ton of car repairs needed done, I didn't end the year nearly as well as I had hoped too. That's fine though, all behind me at this point, in 2010 I am shooting for 200k vpps, which for me would be equal to close to 15k in rakeback alone. I'll be doing this playing mainly $20 DoNs, with some $10s and $50s in there, also some $6.50-$27 18 mans throughout the year, and later in the year possibly some 6 max PLO or 6max NLHE.

I have created an excel spreadsheet to track my progress week by week, it shows my total profit on the year including RB, my total vpps earned, how many more I need to reach 200k, and how many a week I have to average from said point on in order to reach that goal. If I got to 200k playing solely $20 DoNs, it would be averaging 23-25 hours a week of play and if I managed just a 4% roi over the course of the year it would be a $55k year for me. So 50k is the goal, but if I can achieve even half of that and hit 25k on the year playing part time through school I would be very satisfied.

Once I get this spreadsheet completely cleaned up and easier to use I'll put a link to it on here so anyone can use it to track themselves, or to see what kind of year they can hope to shoot for.

Good luck to everyone in 2010, may we all run like gods.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I suck

So I haven't posted in almost two month, lol, but I'm back. I took some time off for school, thanksgiving break etc. I have been running really bad in poker and car troubles, so I had to cashout my roll to pay for car repairs. Luckily one of my good buddies simpledude16 hooked me up with a stake, so here's to hoping my luck can turn around.

Tomorrow I am starting a DoN competition, right now there is a 3 way $20 DoN comp between me, one of my good friends brscta, and a newer player chavarie who seems pretty competent from the games I have player with him. I was hoping to get atleast 5-6 people in on this, but we're still waiting for another 2 players, one backed out and a lot said they had too much on their plate this weekend.

I also have side bets with oldstylecubsfan and rusemandingo who both play the 10s, basically the same deal but my profit is multiplied by .667 to make a 7.5% roi at the 20s comparable to a 10% at the 10s.

So all in all, I'm hoping to win this bet, make a few hundred from playing and 350 at this point in time for the actual bet. A 1k weekend would be really sweet with all these bills piling up.

I'll update this after each day of grinding for the bet.