Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A trip home and some run good

So I went home last weekend for fall break, left Tuesday after class and drove two of my buddies home. We left here at 4 and got home at 2 in the morning. Then I drove another hour upto my gfs college and stayed the night with her. Next day she had a field hockey game vs the number 4 team in the country that I went to, they ended up losing 1-0 in a really tough game and on a bullshit goal, I don't know the rules that well but whatever happened wasn't supposed to lol, the other team didn't even celebrate because they thought it was getting called back.

I spent a few nights there with her which was awesome, I love getting to see her and spend time with her especially since I don't get a whole ton of chances. We did a lot of just hanging out, going to dinner, etc.

On friday she left to go to an away game so I left and went to W
est Chester and watched my old high school and brother's football team play. They were god damn awful when I was in school but are 5-1 so far this year with a loss to one of the top teams in the state, they play #1 in the state this weekend so it should be a solid judge. After the game I met two of my good friends from HS and we went out drinking, obviously my one buddy took too god damn long at a haunted house he was at so we didn't get downtown until midnight and ending up fucking missing Vanilla Ice playing at one of the bars, yes THE Vanilla Ice, I was pretty pissed but we still ended up having a great time. On
e of J's buddies introduced me to a shot called the IHOP he discovered, this shit literally tasted exactly like maple syrup it was crazy, I'll post it here once I can get in touch with him and find out what was in it.

Anyways onto poker, this month has been treating me well so far, up almost 750 dollars and I haven't even been playing that much. Here are my grap



Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting ready for Fall Break

Hey guys what's up, this past weekend was pretty good, Friday was my roommates birthday and that was awesome, we killed a keg, 5 gallons of tic tacs(orange vodka, triple sec, orange juice, and usually monster but we used champagne this time), a gin bucket, another 5 gallons of some other creation, a few bottles of champagne, some of our home brew and whatever other alcohol was lying around. That was an awesome night, tons of drunken escapades.

Saturday we went to Wild Wings and watched us beat SC State, we are now 4-1 and #25 in the country, GO COCKS.

Besides that I've just been playing some poker, so far in the month of October I am up close to 700 I think. It's pretty sweet and about time I'm finally making some money, I have made ~225 at DoNs and ~475 from 25PLO which I have to say is an awesome game, the players are all really bad, and there is so much action, I have not even played it that much this month, but those factors added with running hot is a gold mine.

My HEM is all messed up, I had to reinstall it and reimport all my hands but I think it should be working after this, which is a huge plus because before my HUD wasn't showing on all my tables and throwing me all kinds of off. Hopefully that should be imported by tomorrow morning and I can post some graphs and stats.

Tomorrow I leave to go back home to PA for a few days. I have like a 10 hour drive but have two friends coming with me so that should make it easier. I'm stopping at my house tomorrow night then going to my Girlfriends field hockey game at Millersville and staying there with her for a few days, then heading to West Chester to see some friends and watch my brothers football game, then back to MU on Saturday and back to USC on Sunday. Should be a packed full week.