Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LOL Swongaments

Alright, so I've been gone awhile, I'm back for another entry though.

So I got my new computer and built it and the thing is fucking awesome. I can play so many poker tables without lag or anything on it while playing.
I have started 25 tabling the $10 and $20 DoNs on stars and pu
t in some time but have been ru
nning terribly.

Here is a graph of my month so far at the 10s since building my new computer:

I have been running terribly, and I think I'm having trouble adjusting to how the games changed during my break. Everyone seems to be playing worse than ever, and making huge -EV calls, I'm not sure what happened to make the games so loose but I'm getting called by everything and can't win a game, I've been swonging like hell, and 3.6% ROI is not the kind of shit I'm used to. I'm gonna keep playing through it for another couple hundred games over the next few days but if things don't turn around I'm gonna have to put in some major study time.

USC beat Ole Miss last weekend, the game was amazing, its the craziest that stadium has ever been. But obviously we don't make the top 25. I'm not sure how you can beat the #4 team in the country and not get in the top 25, especially after taking UGA to the wire at their house. I thought college football was rigged in the SEC's favor not against us, come on.

New TV series have started up for the fall season. How I met Your Mother and Always Sunny are pleasing so far, I have to say the best new comedy is Modern Family, it's only been the pilot so far but I found the show hilarious and I'm definetly looking forward to the new episode tomorrow.

Thats it for now, gonna get some sleep tonight.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The weekend is ending

Alright looks like the weekend is starting to come to a close. It was a good weekend overall, friday my roommate and I went to our friends comedy show which was really funny. After that we went downtown for a little bit, it was kinda lame, there were lines to get into the bars at 1:30 so we talked to a friend for a little and then just went home and continued to drink there.

Saturday I just watched football all day, did really good sports betting went 12-3-1 pretty sick. Obviously I donked it off on bodogs cash tables, but i made a chunk of it back on the saints and Falcons today, Drew Brees is my fucking boy, gonna win the super bowl this year.

I didn't get to go to our game this weekend, I never got a ticket cause I thought I would be out of town. We won though, had a good second half and put up some nice points. We have Ole Miss coming to town this Thursday in a huge nationally televised game, and Erin Andrews will be here! I met her 3 years ago here when I was helping ESPN tape one of our Thursday games, our lacrosse team worked the sideline and she talked to a few of us before the game, yeah be jealous. After the game we started drinking here and then went to our neighbors for a party. I got pretty hammered and went like 6-1 in beer pong so that was good.

Today I've just been sitting around watching TV and relaxing. New computer parts get here Tuesday, can't wait to build it and do some heavy grinding over the next few weeks.

Friday, September 18, 2009

So I tried to grind today, the plan was to play 200 games, I managed to get in 18, lmao. My laptop is on it's last legs and cant handle more than 15-16 tabling continuous, and constantly freezes and times me out, and I get to watch as my comp is frozen and I fold hand after hand I needed to shove. I've decided to stop trying to play until my new comp parts come in, which should be Monday or Tuesday. I cannot fucking wait, it's going to be so awesome.

Rest of today I'll probably go hit the gym for a bit then go watch my friends "toast show". I have finally got back onto a good workout schedule. After getting legitamitlly into poker last year I cut down on my working out a lot, got a little out of shape. I used to workout all the time, played lacrosse and basketball and was just overall in really good shape. Right now I'm not in terrible shape per say, I'm 5'9" 205 pounds, I can still probably bench 240-245 but I want to get back to 190 pounds and benching 275+ again. The goal is to be back to 190 for October 24th weekend. Thats when I go home to visit my g/f at her college for their last field hockey game of the season and for their Homecoming.

On that note, I have an amazing girlfriend who I love so much, we've been on and off here and there since High School, but going to school 10 hours away from eachother causes problems, we have been "officially" together almost 10 months now. Shes a field hockey player at Millersville University, who is having one of their best seasons in recent memory, and she has a very solid shot at D2 all american. It sucks being so far apart, but after school I'm moving back home so that will be good. I'm sure you'll here plenty more about her later.

Oh yeah, the toast show, it's my friends comedy show here at USC. It's an improv show a lot like Whose Line is it Anyways. They're all pretty hilarious and I plan on being pretty drunk for it, so here's hoping for another good show to kick off the year.

Alright that's it for today. Game day tomorrow, Go Cocks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, might as well give it a go.

Whats up guys, my name is Kevin, I am a 21 year old, student at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!). I don't really want to give you my life story, thats boring, I'm sure you'll get the gist of it when I tell stories and recap events later on down the road, those will be anything that's actually interesting anyways. I figured I would give one of these things a whirl as it seems anyone who is anyone in the poker world has one. Looks like they're a good way to update friends, make some brags and shrug off some tilt so I figured, hell, why not.

I'm a part-time poker player while at school, I play on pokerstars under the name DirDirDirty. I used to be an MTT player on bodog under Buzz Lightyear, but I moved $100 to stars to start playing some SNGs, started at $5 regular speeds, moved over to $6.5 turbos, eventually played some time at the $16s. After awhile of being a marginal 3-5% winner I decided to give Double or Nothings a shot, started at the 10s, thought they were dumb at first, played a few hundred on and off til I finally started to learn to play them, I have a 10% roi over the last 1200 or so games, and 7% over ~1600 altogether. I've also throw in a few 20s basically breaking even, but no real sample size.

Basically I plan on playing these, moving back to the 20s soon, and eventually upto the 50s and 100s. I just ordered all the parts to my new computer today, I'm building one for myself for the first time, it's going to be sick and shit on my laptop, and make is 1000x easier to multitable with Holdem Manager and Table Ninja and other things running. Hopefully I'll be able to 25+ table easily on this beast. Here's the specs if anyone is interested:

We'll I think that's enough for a first entry. I'm hopefully finally getting back to the grind tomorrow so hopefully I'll have a nice update.